In most places in Germany, the parking interval is 30 minutes. In other countries, the parking interval can be 15 minutes or even regulated locally down to the minute.

Below is a list over the general parking interval in selected countries:

Germany - 30 minutes

Switzerland - 30 minutes

Austria - 30 minutes

Denmark - 15 minutes

Finland - 30 minutes

If you want to change the parking interval just hold down the (O) button on your OOONO PARK for a few seconds until the numbers start flashing. Then you will have to set the time, daylight saving time and date hereafter you will get to the parking interval, and you can adjust it to your preference. Below there is a video that shows how to change the parking interval.

🔺 Important: It is always important to check the local parking interval, to make sure that your parking disc interval is set correctly.

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