If you experience connectivity issues, please check your settings. Below, we have listed the standard configuration for iOS. Remember, Bluetooth and mobile data have to be enabled for the ooono co-driver to pair and connect with the ooono connect app and for the device to provide traffic information.

Delete the ooono connect app

  • Go to settings on your iPhone > General > iPhone storage

  • Find ooono connect app

  • Click "delete app"

  • Restart your iPhone

  • Download the ooono connect app from the App Store

  • Open the ooono connect app and go through the onboarding

Background data

  • Go to settings on your iPhone > General

  • Enable “Update in background“

  • The ooono connect app must be turned on (the slider must be green)


  • Go to settings in your iPhone > Privacy > Location services.

  • Enable location services (the slider must be green).

  • Scroll down to the ooono connect app and enable “Always” and “precise location” – both need to be enabled.

After following the above steps, your ooono should now connect automatically to your ooono connect app on your smartphone. If you still experience connectivity issues, please contact our support team.

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