If your OOONO CO-DRIVER NO1 is without light and sound after a battery replacement, try to restart the device. Below, you'll learn how. πŸ”

Description of restarting OOONO CO-DRIVER NO1:

  1. Remove the battery from your OOONO CO-DRIVER NO1

  2. Hold the OOONO button for 10 seconds

  3. Insert the battery in your OOONO CO-DRIVER NO1 again

  4. Hold the OOONO button for 10-15 seconds. Now, there should be light and sound.

πŸ”Ί Important: The first time after restarting your OOONO CO-DRIVER NO1, it may not connect automatically. Therefore it is important to manually connect your OOONO CO-DRIVER NO1 to the OOONO app the first time.

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