After purchasing the OOONO CO-DRIVER NO1, you need to download the OOONO app. It is free to download from the App Store (minimum iOS 13) and on Google Play (minimum Android 6). When you have downloaded the OOONO app, follow these steps: 👇

  1. Turn on smartphone’s Bluetooth

  2. Open the OOONO app and complete the onboarding process

  3. Make sure your CO-DRIVER NO1 is close to your smartphone

  4. Press and hold the OOONO button for 5-7 seconds: the CO-DRIVER NO1 will light up and biiip

  5. Let go of the OOONO button

  6. After successfully connecting your smartphone and the OOONO CO-DRIVER NO1, the CO-DRIVER NO1 will automatically connect to your smartphone next time you start driving

🔺 Important: It’s only possible to pair your smartphone with your OOONO CO-DRIVER NO1 through the OOONO app.

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